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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Populii - Speak your mind!

Hi folks! Here's a new website made by a friend of mine. It's called Populii ( In case you're wondering, the name comes from populi, as in, vox populi which is latin for 'voice of the people'. I guess it's quite appropriate since the site is about Malaysian news.

Populii crawls several of Malaysia's English dailies like The Star, New Straits Times, The Edge, Sun, Malay Mail and more. So you get all the news in one place. You could probably do the same thing using an RSS reader, right? But there's more. The news is ordered by popularity, so you can always see what the popular news of the day are. If you're too busy to read all the news, you can just to scan through the Popular page to keep yourself up-to-date. See something interesting, you can click on the title and it'll bring you to the news site for the full news.

And since it's all about voice, you can post comments on any news article you find interesting. Hmmm, sounds too good to be true! You ever sometimes get really worked up when you read some piece of sloppy reporting?? Like the journalist/editor is giving a very biased, pro-government or racist slant and you just want to give him/her a piece of your mind? Yeah, now you can... on Populii.

Oh, and another feature that I like is the Search, especially the Timeline feature. You can key in a phrase, say 'Wimbledon' and do a Timeline search. The results are presented in a timeline and you can see all the reported events in chronological order. Pretty neat.

This site is still very new, so do join me there.

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