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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Step down-Lah!

PM Abdullah Badawi needs to resign.  The people no longer want you to lead this country.  We have had enough of your lies and your flip-flopping.  In the past four years, you have done untold damage to the economy, society and the administration of this country.  You have failed to deliver on your pledges of transparency and accountability.  Under your watch, corruption, crime and cost of living have sky-rocketted.  If not for the unfair use of the government-controlled media, public funds, phantom voters, postal votes, vote-buying and etc.  by the government machinery throughout this election, Barisan National might not even win a simple majority.  It is time to go, Abdullah.  If you stay on, you will be a laughing stock amongst the national leaders all over the world... kinda like President Bush who's the President of Africa!

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The people have spoken!

Congratulations my fellow Malaysians! The people have spoken! We've shown that we're not easily fooled by PM Abdullah Badawi's lies and empty promises. With yesterday's massive defeat, Badawi will confirm his status in Malaysia Book of Records as the worst prime minister the country has ever had. We've also shown that we will not accept leaders who have overstayed their welcome, and who instead of serving the people, are subservient to UMNO's wishes.

I for one, look forward to the new state governments of DAP, PAS and PKR. I'm also happy to see almost 40% Parliamentary seats taken by the Opposition. Monkeys are no longer allowed into the august House of Parliament. A lot of work is needed to make things right. We need to free the mass media from government control. Even as the election results were streaming in last night, the media was still in denial mode - not covering the (newsworthy) huge Opposition wins in northern states, but merely reporting on the southern and East Malaysian states where the national front is very strong. Guys, your boss, Information Minister Zam is out! You'd better start serving the people instead of your political masters.

Then there's the local universities. We need to sack all those useless chancellors and lecturers and replace them with qualified, world-class academicians. Also the Police, government agencies and the judiciary will need to see massive reforms. Some will need to be hauled to court, trialed and jailed for corruption and misuse of power.

Underperforming GLCs and business monopolies need to be dismantled and competition need to be encouraged. I expect foreign investors will flee the country in this time of reform and uncertainty. Our country will be undergoing massive albeit necessary change. But I'm confident with this new bunch of leaders we've elected, we will be steered in the right direction and pretty soon, the foreign investors will return to Malaysia.

On the religious front, I hope this means the end of Islamisation of the country. We are a multiracial, multireligious country, and so it is imperative that we tolerate each other's culture and beliefs (and disbeliefs). There is no other way to it. We must practise tolerance if we're going to live with each other peacefully.

Once again, congratulations to all Malaysians. I look forward to this exciting, new beginning.  

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