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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Sorry, I haven't posted anything here since end of May. My last post was kinda depressing, people must've thought I killed myself after that. Sorry to disappoint the religious fundies, but I'm still alive. I've just been pretty busy (with work) and expect to remain busy till the end of the year, so I don't think I'll be blogging too much.

Also, the present situation in this country, under the (non-)leadership of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, is extremely hostile towards dissident blogs. I'm sure many have heard of the arrest of opposition blogger Nathaniel Tan, the police report against Raja Petra and most recently, attempts to charge a Malaysian Chinese student in Taiwan. Clearly in Malaysia, the government doesn't want you to have an opinion. The government doesn't want you to ask questions. The government doesn't want you to think on your own. So, now isn't quite a good time to be expressing my opinions quite so openly, though I will be expressing my opinion at the coming polls!!

In other news, I really feel for the group of South Koreans who were captured by the Talibans. I really, really despise the Talibans. Even before 9/11, I've read and warned people about them. They represent the worst of religion. I don't know what kind of religion can justify murdering a human being and taking people hostage? But the Koreans themselves need to shoulder the blame. No doubt, they had noble intentions to help the Afghans (and spread the gospel, perhaps?) but it is also extremely foolish of them to be walking into the lions' den. Just because, in the Bible, God sent an angel to protect Daniel from the lions, doesn't mean that in real life, an angel will come and stop the Talibans. There are no angels, just as there are not fairies and unicorns. But there are plenty of misguided, militant and unsound religious fundamentalists out there.

So, I'll try my best to blog when I have time or whenever something interesting comes along. Hope you all will drop by from time to time.

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