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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Step down-Lah!

PM Abdullah Badawi needs to resign.  The people no longer want you to lead this country.  We have had enough of your lies and your flip-flopping.  In the past four years, you have done untold damage to the economy, society and the administration of this country.  You have failed to deliver on your pledges of transparency and accountability.  Under your watch, corruption, crime and cost of living have sky-rocketted.  If not for the unfair use of the government-controlled media, public funds, phantom voters, postal votes, vote-buying and etc.  by the government machinery throughout this election, Barisan National might not even win a simple majority.  It is time to go, Abdullah.  If you stay on, you will be a laughing stock amongst the national leaders all over the world... kinda like President Bush who's the President of Africa!


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