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Monday, November 20, 2006

Is Hang Tuah Chinese? (Part 2)

Interesting story. Almost as interesting as The Da Vinci Code. For those who do not know, Hang Tuah is a legendary Malay warrior who lived and served during the Malacca sultanate over 500 years ago (something like William Wallace or King Arthur).

When I first read the email, I immediately saw something wrong with it because around that time I had just finished reading the excellent book entitled "Genome" by Matt Ridley. From my understanding, it wasn't possible to determine an individual's race, much less his religion through DNA testing. Just think about it, the large amount of variation within populations and the fact that one quarter of the world's population is Chinese, makes it impossible to confidently identify a person's race using DNA. So, the evidence presented in the email is most definitely false.

You may be excused for not realising that first point, but a second flaw in the story should've been obvious and would've sounded alarm bells. The email implied that the Malaysian government changed the History syllabus to hide the truth. That further implied that the Malaysian government accepted the findings of the "team of experts". Any Malaysian would know that THAT is SURE sign of a hoax!

Since when does the Malaysian government listen to expert findings? The government only listens to those who tell them what they want to hear. If the experts say anything that is not pleasing to the government's ears, its usual reaction is denial and then ridiculing the findings. Just look at the recent findings by the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute on bumiputera equity ownership. The Malaysian government pressured ASLI to retract the report while endorsing its own botched figure for political gain. Anyway, back to the email... Government acceptance of the 'expert' findings that Hang Tuah is a Chinese Muslim is most uncharacteristic of the Malaysian government, and so, this entire email is most certainly a hoax. ;)

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At 3:11 PM, November 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tamingsari and all that nonsense should stay in the category of myth and out of history books.

You're right though, anything that has malaysian government picked panel of 'experts' is highly suspect.

At 11:04 AM, November 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what if they were really Chinese?

Don't make any difference to me. I've always thought of them as historical losers.

At 12:53 PM, August 10, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't discount this story so fast.
The name Hang Tuah and Hang Li Poh shows that sir name Hang do belong to a Chinese. Beside the Malays came to Malaya from China. So basically the 2 races a of the same land.

Anyway I always thought Hang Tuah story was a rip off the King Arthur Legend, created by the ruling Sultan to install loyalty among the his people.

King Arthur = Sultan,

Excalibur sword = Kris Tamingsari ,

Queen Guinevere= Dayang istana (couldn't have the permaisuri having an affair :) )

Lancelot = Hang Tuah

Merlin = Tun Perak ( without the magic due to his religon)

At 4:43 PM, August 11, 2007, Blogger Meursault said...

To anonymous III:

You're not getting it... I didn't say Hang Tuah and Hang Li Poh are definitely not Chinese. I'm merely pointing out the evidence given in that forwarded email are flawed.

Show me the evidence. I'm sure everyone wants to see some concrete evidence.

At 5:14 PM, October 08, 2007, Blogger Michael said...

It's been interesting to read such free-flowing comments on the subject of the Origins of the Malays. While we are on the subject, how many of you have read the book entitled "Contesting Malayness - Malay Identity Across Boundaries" Edited by Timothy P. Barnard published by Singapore University Press?

Written by a Professor of National University of Singapore. It reflects the Anthropologists views that there is no such race as the "Malays" to begin with. If we follow the original migration of the Southern Chinese of 6,000yrs ago, they moved into Taiwan, (now the Alisan), then into the Phillipines (now the Aeta) and moved into Borneo (4,500yrs ago) (Dayak). They also split into Sulawesi and progressed into Jawa, and Sumatera. The final migration was to the Malayan Peninsular 3,000yrs ago. A sub-group from Borneo also moved to Champa in Vietnam at 4,500yrs ago.

Interestingly, the Champa deviant group moved back to present day Kelantan. There are also traces of the Dong Song and HoaBinh migration from Vietnam and Cambodia. To confuse the issue, there was also the Southern Thai migration, from what we know as Pattani today. (see also "Early Kingdoms of the Indonesian Archipelago and the Malay Peninsular")

Of course, we also have the Minangkabau's which come from the descendants of Alexander the Great and a West Indian Princess. (Sejarah Melayu page 1-3)

So the million Dollar Question... Is there really a race called the "Malays"? All anthropologists DO NOT SEEM TO THINK SO. (strangely, this includes all Malay Malaysian Anthropologists who are of the same opinion.)

Neither do the "Malays" who live on the West Coast of Johor. They'd rather be called Javanese. What about the west coast Kedah inhabitants who prefer to be known as "Achenese"? or the Ibans who simply want to be known as IBANS. Try calling a Kelabit a "Malay" and see what response you get... you’ll be so glad that their Head-Hunting days are over.

In an article in the Star, dated: Dec 3rd 2006

available for on-line viewing at:

An excerp is reproduced here below:

"The Malays – taken as an aggregation of people of different ethnic backgrounds but who speak the same language or family of languages and share common cultural and traditional ties – are essentially a new race, compared to the Chinese, Indians and the Arabs with their long histories of quests and conquests.

The Malay nation, therefore, covers people of various ethnic stock, including Javanese, Bugis, Bawean, Achehnese, Thai, Orang Asli, the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak and descendants of Indian Muslims who had married local women.

Beneath these variations, however, there is a common steely core that is bent on changing the Malay persona from its perceived lethargic character to one that is brave, bold and ready to take on the world. "

The definition of “Malay” is therefore simply a collection of people's who speak a similar type language. With what is meant by a similar type language does not mean that the words are similar. (A native Kelantanese native speaker has no clue whatsoever what his Iban native brother is talking about; if both speak their own dialect) Linguists however, call this the "Lego-Type" language, where words are added on to the root word to make meaning and give tenses and such. Somehow, the Indonesians disagree with this "Malay" classification and insist instead on being called "Indonesians" even though the majority of "Malays" have their roots in parts of Indonesia. They refuse to be called "Malay"…. Anyhow you may define it.

The writer failed to identify (probably didn't know), that the "Malay" definition also includes, the Champa, Dong Song, HoabinHian, The Taiwanese Alisan and the Philippino Aetas. He also did not identify that the "Orang Asli" are (for lack of a better term) ex-Africans. If you try to call any one of our East Malaysian brothers an "Orang Asli", they WILL BEAT YOU UP! I had to repeat this because almost all West Malaysians make the same mistake when we cross the South China Sea. Worse, somehow, they feel even more insulted when you call them “Malay”. Somehow, “kurang ajar” is uttered below their breath as if “Malay” was a really bad word for them. I’m still trying to figure this one out.

Watch “Malays in Africa”; a Museum Negara produced DVD. Also, the “Champa Malays” by the same.

With this classification, they MUST also include the Phillipinos, the Papua New Guineans, the Australian Aboroginies, as well as the Polynesian Aboroginies. These are of the Australo Melanesians who migrated out of Africa 60,000yrs ago.

Getting interesting? Read on...

"Malay" should also include the Taiwanese singer "Ah Mei" who is Alisan as her tribe are the anscestors of the "Malays". And finally, you will need to define the Southern Chinese (Southern Province) as Malay also, since they are from the same stock 6,000yrs ago.

Try calling the Bugis a "Malay". Interestingly, the Bugis, who predominantly live on Sulawesi are not even Indonesians. Neither do they fall into the same group as the migrating Southern Chinese of 6,000yrs ago nor the Australo Melanesian group from Africa.

Ready for this?

The Bugis are the cross-breed between the Mongolian Chinese and the marauding Arab Pirates. (FYI, a runaway Ming Dynasty official whom Cheng Ho was sent to hunt down) Interestingly, the Bugis, (just like their Arabic ancestors) were career Pirates in the Johor-Riau Island areas. Now the nephew of Daeng Kemboja was appointed as the First Sultan of Selangor. That makes the entire Selangor Sultanate part Arab, part Chinese! Try talking to the Bugis Museum curator near Kukup in Johor. Kukup is located near the most south-western tip of Johor. (Due south of Pontian Kechil) He is more than willing to expound on the Bugis heritage. Buy him lunch and he can talk for days on end.

Let's not even get into the Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekiu, and Hang Lekir, who shared the same family last name as the other super famous "Hang" family member... Hang Li Poh. And who was she? Legend tells us that she is the Princess of a Ming Dynasty Emperor who was sent to marry the Sultan of Malacca. Won't that make the entire Malacca Sultanate downline "Baba" ? Since the older son of the collapsed Malaccan Sultanate got killed in Johor, (the current Sultanate is the downline of the then, Bendahara) the only other son became the Sultan of Perak. Do we see any Chinese-ness in Raja Azlan? Is he the descendant of Hang Li Poh? But wait a minute....

That's what legend says. Let's look at the proof. The solid evidence. There is a well next to the Zheng He Temple in Malacca which is supposed to be the well built by the Sultan of Malacca for Hang Li Poh. According to legend, anyone who drinks of it shall re-visit Malacca before they die. Hmmm smells like a romantic fairy tale already. But let's look at who Hang Li Poh actually is. Which Ming Emperor was she a daughter to? So I got into researching the entire list of Ming Emperors. Guess what? Not a single Ming Emperor's last name begins with Hang. In fact, all their last names begin with Tzu (pronounced Choo). So who is Hang Li Poh? An Extra Concubine? A Spare Handmaiden? Who knows? But one thing for certain, is that she was no daughter of any of the Ming Emperors. Gone is the romantic notion of the Sultan of Malacca marrying an exotic Chinese Princess. Sorry guys, the Sultan married an unidentified Chinese commoner.

Next question. If the Baba’s are part Malay, why have they been marginalized by NOT BEING BUMIPUTERA? Which part of “Malay” are they not? Whatever the answer, why then are the Portugese of Malacca BUMIPUTERA? Did they not come 100yrs AFTER the arrival of the first Baba’s? Parameswara founded Malacca in 1411. The Portugese came in 1511, and the Dutch in the 1600’s. Strangely, the Baba’s were in fact once classified a Bumiputera, but some Prime Minister decreed that they were to be strangely “declassified” in the 1960’s. WHY? How can a "native son of the soil" degenerate into an "un-son"? The new classification is "pendatang" meaning a migrant to describe the Baba's and Nyonyas. Wait a minute, isn't EVERYONE on the Peninsular a migrant to begin with? How can the government discriminate? Does the Malaysian Government have amnesia?

The Sultan of Kelantan had similar roots to the Pattani Kingdom making him of Thai origin. And what is this "coffee table book" by the Sultan of Perlis claiming to be the direct descendant of the prophet Muhammed? Somehow we see Prof Khoo Khay Khim’s signature name on the book. I’ll pay good money to own a copy of it myself. Anyone has a spare?

In persuing this thread, and having looked at the history of Prophet Muhammed (BTW, real name Ahmad) we couldn't figure out which descendant line The Sultan of Perlis was. Perhaps it was by the name Syed, which transcended. Then we tried to locate which downline did the Sultan descend from of the 13 Official Wives of Prophet Muhammad named in the Holy Koran? Or was the Sultan of Perlis a descendant from the other 23 non-wives? Of the 13 Official Wives were (at least known) 3 Israeli women. Then you should come to this instant revelation, isn't Prophet Muhammad an Israeli himself? Yes, the answer is clear. All descendants of Moses are Israeli. In fact, the Holy Koran teaches that Moses was the First Muslim. Thus confirming all the descendants of Moses to be Israeli, including Jesus and Prophet Muhammad. It is also found in Sura 2:58&59 which specifically mentions that the Torah/ Talmud (Jewish) and the Kitab (Bible) are Holy Words of Allah. But since this is not a Religious or a Theological discussion, let's move on to a more anthropological approach.

So, how many of you have met with the Orang Asli’s (Malaysian Natives)? The more northern you go, the more African they look. Why are they called Negrito’s? It is a Spanish word, from which directly transalates “mini Negros”. The more southern you go, the more “Indonesian” they look. And the ones who live at Cameron Highlands kinda look 50-50. You can see the Batek at Taman Negara, who really look like Eddie Murphy to a certain degree. Or the Negritos who live at the Thai border near Temenggor Lake (north Perak). The Mah Meri in Carrie Island look almost like the Jakuns in Endau Rompin. Half African, half Indonesian.

Stangely the natives in Borneo all look rather Chinese in terms of features and facial characteristics especially the Kelabits in Bario.

By definition, (this is super eye-opening) there was a Hindu-Malay Empire in Kedah. Yes, I said right… The Malays were Hindu (just like the gentle Balinese of today). It was known by it's old name, Langkasuka. Today known as Lembah Bujang. This Hindu-Malay Empire was 2,000yrs old. Pre-dating Borrobudor AND Angkor Watt. Who came about around 500-600yrs later. Lembah Bujang was THE mighty trading Empire, and its biggest influence was by the Indians who were here to help start it. By definition, this should make the Indians BUMIPUTERAS too since they were here 2,000yrs ago! Why are they marginalized?

The Malaysian Government now has a serious case of Alzheimer's. Why? Simply because, they would accord the next Indonesian who tomorrow swims accross the Straits of Malacca and bestow upon him with the apparently "prestigious title" of the Bumiputra status alongside others who imply have inhabited this land for hundreds of centuries. (prestigious, at least perceived by Malays) They also have a strange saying called "Ketuanan Melayu" which literally transalates into "The Lordship of Malays" The Malays still cannot identify till this day "who" or "what" the Malays have "Lordship" over. And they celebrate it galantly and triumphantly by waving the Keris (wavy knife which has Hindu origins in Borrobudor. Ganesan is seen brandishing the Keris in a bass-relief sculpture.) during public meetings over National TV much like a Pagan Wicca Ceremony on Steroids. Let's all wait for that official press release to see who the "Malays" have Lorship over, shall we?

Of the 3 books listed, "Contesting Malayness" (about S$32 for soft cover) is "banned” in Malaysia; you will need to "smuggle" it into Malaysia; for very obvious reasons.... :( or read it in Singapore if you don’t feel like breaking the law. Incidentally, the Professor (Author) was invited to speak on this very subject circa 2 yrs ago, in KL, invited by the MBRAS. You can imagine the "chaos" this seminar created...... :( Fortunately the FRU was not called in.

The other, "Kingdoms of the Indonesian Archipelago, and the Malay Peninsular" (about RM84) are openly sold at all leading bookshops; Kinokuniya, MPH, Borders, Popular, Times, etc. You should be able to find a fair bit of what I’ve been quoting in this book too, but mind you, it is extremely heavy reading material, and you will find yourself struggling through the initial 200+ pages. It is extremely technical in nature. Maybe that’s why it hasn’t been banned (yet)…coz our authorities couldn’t make head or tail of it? (FYI, if I wasn’t doing research for my film, I wouldn’t have read it in its entirety)

The "Sejarah Melayu" (about RM 50) however, is freely available at the University Malaya bookshop. I have both the English and Royal Malay version published by MBRAS. Alternatively, you could try reading the Jawi (Arabic Script) version if you are truly a sucker for unimaginable pain...... (may feel like circumcision)

There are actually many sources for these Origins of Malays findings. Any older Philippino Museum Journal also carries these migration stories. This migration is also on display at the Philippines National Museum in Luzon. However, they end with the Aeta, and only briefly mention that the migration continued to Indonesia and Malaysia, but fully acknowledge that all Philippinos came from Taiwan. And before Taiwan, China. There is another book (part of a series) called the "Archipelago Series" endorsed by Tun Mahatir and Marina Mohammad, which states the very same thing right at the introduction on page one. “… that the Malays migrated out of Southern China some 6,000yrs ago…”. I believe it is called the “Pre-History of Malaysia” Hard Cover, about RM99 found in (mostly) MPH. They also carry “Pre-History of Indonesia” by the same authors for the same price.

It is most interesting to note that the Malaysian Museum officials gallantly invented brand new unheard-of terms such as "Proto-Malay" and "Deutero-Malay", to replace the accepted Scientific Term, Australo-Melanesians (African descent) and Austronesians (Chinese Descent, or Mongoloid to be precise) in keeping in line with creating this new “Malay” term.. They also created the new term called the Melayu-Polynesian. (Which Melayu exists in the Polynesian Islands?) Maybe they were just trying to be “Patriotic” and “Nationalistic”… who knows…? After all, we also invented the term, “Malaysian Time”. While the rest of the world calls it “Tardy” and “Late”. It’s quite an embarrassment actually…. Singaporeans crossing the border are asked to set their watches back by about a 100yrs, to adjust to “Malaysian Time”…

In a nutshell, the British Colonial Masters, who, for lack of a better description, needed a “blanket” category for ease of classification, used the term “Malay”.

The only other logical explanation, which I have heard, was that “Malaya” came as a derivative of “Himalaya”, where at Langkasuka, or Lembah Bujang today was where the Indians were describing the locals as “Malai” which means “Hill People” in Tamil. This made perfect sense as the focal point at that time was at Gunung Jerai, and the entire Peninsular had a “Mountain Range” “Banjaran Titiwangsa”, as we call it.

The Mandarin and Cantonese accurately maintain the accurate pronunciation of “Malai Ren” and “Malai Yun” respectively till this very day. Where “ren” and “yun” both mean “peoples”.

Interestingly, “Kadar” and “Kidara”, Hindi and Sanskrit words accurately describe “Kedah” of today. They both mean “fertile Land for Rice cultivation. Again, a name given by the Indians 2,000yrs ago during the “Golden Hindu Era” for a duration of 1,500yrs.

It was during this “Golden Hindu Era” that the new term which the Hindu Malay leaders also adopted the titles, “Sultan” and “Raja”. The Malay Royalty were Hindu at that time, as all of Southeast Asia was under strong Indian influence, including Borrobudor, and Angkor Watt. Bali today still practices devout Hindu Beliefs. The snake amulet worn by the Sultans of today, The Royal Dias, and even the “Pelamin” for weddings are tell-tale signs of these strong Indian influences. So, it was NOT Parameswara who was the first Sultan in Malaya. Sultanage existed approximately 1,500yrs in Kedah before he set foot on the Peninsular during the "Golden Hindu Era" of Malaysia. And they were all Hindu.

“PreHistory of Malaysia” also talks about the “Lost Kingdom” of the “Chi-Tu” where the local Malay Kingdom were Buddhists. The rest of the “Malays” were Animistic Pagans.

But you may say, "Sejarah Melayu" calls it "Melayu"? Yes, it does. Read it again; is it trying to describe the 200-odd population hamlet near Palembang by the name "Melayu"?(Google Earth will show this village).

By that same definition, then, the Achehnese should be considered a “race”. So should the Bugis and the Bataks, to be fair. Orang Acheh, Orang Bugis, Orang Laut, Orang Melayu now mean the same… descriptions of ethnic tribes, at best. So some apparently Patriotic peron decided to upgrade the Malays from Orang Melayu (Malay People) to Bangsa Melayu (Malay Race) Good job in helping perpetuate the confusion. And since the “Malays” of today are not all descendants of the “Melayu” kampung in Jambi (if I remember correctly), the term Melayu has been wrongly termed. From Day One. Maybe this is why the Johoreans still insist on calling themselves either Bugis, or Javanese til today (except when it comes to receiving Government Handouts). So do the Achehnese on the West coast of Kedah & Perlis and the Kelantanese insist that they came from Champa, Vietnam.

Morover, the fact that the first 3 pages of "Sejarah Melayu" claim that "Melayu" comes from Alexander the Great and the West Indian Princess doesn't help. More importantly, it was written in 1623. By then, the Indians had been calling the locals “Malai” for 1,500 yrs already. So the name stuck….

And with the Sejarah Melayu (The Malay Annals in page 1-3) naming the grandson of Iskandar Zulkarnain, and the West Indian Princess forming the Minangkabau. Whenever a Malay is asked about it, he usually says it is "Karut" (bullshit), but all Malayan based historians insist on using Sejarah Melayu as THE main reference book for which "Malay" history is based upon. The only other books are “Misa Melayu”, "Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa", "Hikayat Pasai", "Hikayat Raja-Raja Siak" and “Hikayat Hang Tuah” among others; which sometimes brings up long and “heated” discussions.

Interesting to note is one of the great "Malay" writers is called Munsyi Abdullah; who penned "Hikayat Abdullah" He was an Indian Muslim. Let's re-read that little bit. He was an Indian Muslim. How can an Indian change his race to be a Malay? He can change his shirt, his car, his religion and even his underwear, but how can anyone change his race? This must be The New Trick of the Century, which even David Copperfield will pay lots of money to watch (and perhaps learn).

"Mysterious Race Changing Trick"- created by The Malaysian Government.

Still, Malaysians are still only second to the Jews (who by the way, are the only other people in the world who are defined by a religion) So perhaps David Copperfield has yet to learn a few tricks on the mass deception skills of the Malaysian Government?

Malaysia Boleh...

I find this strange.

I also find, that it is strange that the "Chitti's" (Indian+Malay) of Malacca are categorized as Bumiputera, while their Baba brothers are not. Why? Both existed during the Parameswara days. Which part of the “Malay” side of the Baba’s is not good enough for Bumiputera classification? Re-instate them. They used to be Bumiputera pre 1960’s anyway.

Instead of "Malay", I believe that "Maphilindo" (circa 1963) would have been the closest in accurately trying to describe the Malays. However, going by that definition, it should most accurately be "MaphilindoThaiChinDiaVietWanGreekCamfrica". And it is because of this; even our University Malaya Anthropology professors cannot look at you in the eye and truthfully say that the word "Malay" technically and accurately defines a race.

This is most unfortunate.

So, in a nutshell, the “Malays” (anthropologists will disagree with this “race” definition) are TRULY ASIA !!! For once the Tourism Ministry got it right….

We should stop calling this country “Tanah Melayu” instead call it, “Tanah Truly Asia”

You must understand now, why I was "tickled pink" when I found out that the Visit Malaysia slogan for 2007 was "Truly Asia". They are so correct... (even though they missed out Greece, and Africa)

BTW, the name UMNO should be changed to UTANO the new official acronym for “United Truly Asia National Organization” . After all, they started out as a Bugis club in Johor anyway….

I told you all that I hate race classifications…. This is so depressing. Even more depressing is that the "malays" are not even a race; not since day one.

“Truly Asia Boleh”

At 10:26 PM, December 20, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang Li Po is a Chinese. Hang Tuah? Which part of his name suggest that he is a Chinese?

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At 12:35 PM, January 21, 2008, Blogger Adzakael said...

I have been asked by a friend,Mr. Azari Mat Yasir,an academic from UTM to reply to this entry:

this is one of several blog entries i've encountered posting this very same article. i'm no mythbuster, but i am an academic.

i. hikayat hang tuah was taken out of the curriculum, but not the history to lessen the burden of learning by including a more recent chapters (darurat, pembentukan malaysia etc). it's still widely available in any historical text or archives. no cover-up as this article claimed. it is easier to learn something that is factual than a legend. the same as to why mahsuri never made it into history books.

ii. there was no such research ever conducted on any graves. if u do a little google search, u'll find that the federal association of arc & research of michigan does not exist.

iii. i have found no papers published on such findings in any international archaelogical journals. if u have the links, kindly provide me with one. even if u dont have the access to those journals, just name me the publication and preferrably the date or writer, and i should be able to access them.

iv. malay civilization predates parameswara. it is true that the malay sultanate originates from palembang, but kerajaan langkasuka predates melaka by 700-900 years. meaning the malay hindu civilization is about 1400-1600 years old, that's atleast 500 years older than the remains of a chinese from kelantan claimed in this article.

v. nobody ever claimed that the malays started with parameswara. i'd suggest a quick look at sejarah books. the malay sultanate started with parameswara, but not the malays.

vi. and finally, the country indonesia only comes into existence after WW2, the same with malaysia. before that, it is considered a union of malay archipelago dubbed indonesia in the mid 1800. parameswara came from palembang, not indonesia.

vii. batu bersurat terengganu is an evidence that islam arrived in tanah melayu 700 years ago, even before the birth of melaka sultanate. it is not an evidence of the birth/origin of malay culture.

these seven points serve to clear misconceptions of this article. i understand the notion of racial unity, but this article's only purpose is to discredit the origins of the malays as to dispute the claim of children of the land (bumiputera). as an academic, it is always wise to challenge certain claims with facts and evidence. and there are no evidence presented in this article other than unsubstantiated claims.


if you like to contact the author, just let me know through my e-mail.

At 6:16 PM, April 28, 2009, Blogger Am_7riel said...

Hang is a merely call name that is being commonly used last time,but became extinct in modern days...same goes to Megat or Tun,which this cannot be used easily since this only can be used if you have royal bloodline for megat while for Tun u must have serviced to nation like being in highest position in the government before being conferred Tun.

While for case of relating Hang that being used in front of Hang Li Poh and Hang Tuah,is explainable here as Li Poh is not a princess of China emperor but merely a concubine or maybe relatives of emperor due to his own princess has done some disgrace to nations,but the emperor itself does not want the relationships between two countries ruined as his highness seen this as an opportunity not for Malacca but for China as well for trading due to importancy of Malacca coast as the only mean to go to through to other continents.

hence,the hang is a call name been given by local people due to her (Li Poh) lower ranks which is not from the same status likened to Sultan of Malacca.

While for Malay does not have their own roots or from no where it is from,then i guess we need to look back to the similarity of their physical,cultures and etc. If we look the physical of Malays are almost same for nations in Indonesia,Phillipines in southern,malaysia off-course and Brunei and some part in Africa which some higher luminaries had been exiled for some wrongdoings.I wonder whether the research can be trusted saying Malays have no roots or no land where they are originated.Do you still believe the then Darwin's theory which saying we are from Monkey?This is ridiculous,as same i would like to say that Thai,Vietnam and Cambodia are called Indo-China not because they are originated or share similarities with Indonesian but words Indo itself means Bulk and Big which combines with China as they share same physical like small eyes,same skin color,customaries too with Chinese people.

and how come dna test can be done if there was no right evidence that where is Hang Tuah's mausoleum?Funny isnt it?even local people does not know where he being buried after he ran away from malacca mainly due to his regret killing Jebat and does not want to serve to Sultans look for womans(1st Dang Melur,2nd Tun Teja,last but not least Gunung Ledang Princess)as his leader.

At 2:21 AM, June 20, 2009, Anonymous iceburn said...

Hang Tuah is not Malay also not Chinese!!! He is Indian!!! AhHAhAhAhA why all chinese people want to claim Hang Tuah is a sepetman from China? is he so great and powerful? Better u all choose Jebat! Jebat rulez! He is a real HERO!

At 10:51 PM, September 15, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are all of you guys so interested to know whether Hang Tuah is Chinese or Malay? All we know is that he once served as a loyal servant to the Malacca Sultanate.
The Truth is:
Most Malays want to think of Hang Tuah as a Malay as he is the only Heroic historical character the Malays have.
Besides this, Malays really don't have any historical heroes that they can be proud of.
So why does the Malay race find themselves lacking in heroes to be proud of and even have difficulty identifying their roots?
It is simply because the Malays themselves originated from the Indonesian islands and in fact are immigrants themselves.
It is a fact that haunts Malays even through this day as most of the current privileges the Malay race hold in modern Malaysia is solely due to their claim that they are not immigrants themselves in which the so frequently labelled the Chinese and Indians.
Acknowledging that their roots are from Indonesia (Sumatera, Java, Sulawesi and etc) would simply mean that they actually do not deserve any special rites in Malaysia.
Ever wondered why the Malay language sounds so similar to the Indonesian language? The answer lies in a Malay phrase itself "Bahasa menunjukkan Bangsa".
With respect to all the Malays reading this comment, i hope you have the tolerance to give my comments some thought and accept who you really are and lets make Malaysia truly "1 Malaysia" by removing the false priviledges that you all have been claiming all this time.

At 7:13 AM, January 06, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 4:25 AM, January 27, 2010, Blogger Am_7riel said...

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At 9:13 AM, March 11, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

At 3:35 AM, March 14, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have really great taste on catch article titles, even when you are not interested in this topic you push to read it

At 1:46 AM, March 17, 2010, Anonymous Jebat Durhaka said...

Dear Michael, I found comment about Hang Tuah's descendant and Prophet Muhammad pbuh are nothing but just a plain myth or to direct, bullshit. Please make it right. Our Prophet are direct descendant of the Ishmaeli bloodline which have been living in Mekkah since Ishmael was left by his father, Abraham. Therefore the Arabs have never been slaves of the Pharaohs like the Jews been. Nonetheless, after the exodus from Egypt to the promise land not all Jews stayed and protect the land. They have been scattered all around the world as far as China to protect themselves from being caught in the war. Then on, the Jews have assimilate with other races and lost their true Jew identity or beliefs. So can we say that some part of the Chinese are Jews too?

Same goes to the Chinese immigrant what makes them come to the Malay Peninsular and the rest of S.E. Asia. During the power craze era of the Chinese Empire, the mainland was not peaceful. Instead of joining the soldier to fight for their homeland they migrate to every parts of the world seeking refuge and asylum.

If you are saying that the Malays have no origin or somehow originates from southern China, they are not as Yellow as the Chinese then. Will the Modern Malays be accepted as Chinese in China?

The Malay diaspora created by mix culture, religion and kingdom such as Saileindra & Sriwijaya kingdom in Java & Sumatra respectively. This both kingdom were believe to have strong connection in now modern day India & Sri Lanka. (Please note that India was not found by Mahatma Ghandi yet during that time. So don't think the Malays have an Indian origins too!)

The Sailendras were active promoters of Mahayana Buddhism and covered the Kedu Plain of Central Java with Buddhist monuments, including the world famous Borobudur. While Sriwijaya was a powerful ancient kingdom on the island of Sumatra, modern day Indonesia, which influenced much of Southeast Asia. The earliest solid proof of its existence dates from the 7th century. Then on, Melayu Kingdom have been found between 7th to 13th century.

The last Melayu prince of Srivijayan origin, Parameswara, fled to Temasik or modern day Singapura to seek refuge before moving farther north, where he founded what would become the Malacca Sultanate.

Therefore, stop twist and turn by saying this region were made up by the Chinese or Indian immigrant & heroes. Who cares if Hang Tuah or Jebat were Chinese or whatever race they are. There is a Malay saying 'Di mana bumi di pijak, disitu langit di junjung' so rules are rules where ever you are or 'Do what the Romans do'...

At 7:05 AM, March 20, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 8:55 PM, March 20, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:38 AM, March 27, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does that means the true owner of dis land are the people from the north mainly (pattani,kedah,kelantan)?Wow!Shocking truth eihh.Guest those UMNO can start packing their thing cuz they going back to where they belong to(INDONESIA).

At 1:20 AM, April 02, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:56 PM, April 17, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:35 PM, April 18, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 8:33 PM, April 23, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:43 AM, April 24, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:43 PM, May 07, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 7:40 PM, May 08, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...



At 7:54 PM, May 08, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Malays (autronesian people) bloodlines are from Qanturah and Abraham..the 3rd wife of Prophet Abraham, which was sent to the land of south east..we can trace and proved that with DNA testing..

At 11:32 PM, May 08, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malaysia was belongs to Indonesian the Srivijayan and think this land called Tanah Melayu once was a No Mans Land?? you want to call us Indon, up to you ,but we have been inhabiting this land for the past 2 thousand years ago..what are you trying to prove in this article? Saying that the Malays have no rights to claim their land? you sounds sooo racist, even the Malays welcome all races to their land, the Malay accept who ever you are..
but of course, some of the things that the Malays can't give it up easily..please respect others, dont be like "KADOK NAIK JUNJUNG"..if you dont understand the proverbs, please learn and brush up your BAHASA..

At 12:07 AM, May 09, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the term Melayu has been wrongly termed. From Day One. Maybe this is why the Johoreans still insist on calling themselves either Bugis, or Javanese til today (except when it comes to receiving Government Handouts). So do the Achehnese on the West coast of Kedah & Perlis and the Kelantanese insist that they came from"

You are so wrong. We are the Bogis Community of Johore never insist to be called Bugis. Your intention is to divide the Malays aren't you.
Najib Tun Razak is Bugis himself, even the Sultanate of Johore. Never in their mind to saparate Bugis and Malays.
Once Malacca was invaded by Portugese where were you, of course you are not born yet. Where were your ancestors, still in China playing Mahjong?
Please, our great-great grandfather fought the battle and counter strike the Portugese side by side with the Javanese, Achenians and Malaccan. Why? Because we are the Malay. If you hate the word Malay, you can call us the Astronesian.
One more thing, don't be confused with Malay names (don't confuse yourself), if he is called Parameswara, doesn't mean that he is Indian, if Mohd, he is not Arab either. Malay is still Malay, names reflect their faith.
The Philiphinos called themselve Malay, they are proud to be Christian Malay. Is it wrong? NO.

At 5:47 PM, May 22, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 2:25 PM, June 09, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 6:40 PM, June 12, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:55 PM, February 20, 2011, Blogger Guruh said...

Y'all are bunch of imbeciles that has an eye at the worst of people. This sort of hoaxes will confuse others especially the kids and no part of government resources should be spent to just lingering at these baseless opinions. Sometimes the fact is there right in front of us but we tend to need the extra oomph!

I agree beloved Malaysia don't produce much of focussed entertainment (being most efficient way to educate) but that's an industry's fault. They are more into horror stories like pontianak, hantu tetek and grave worshippers which only provide dry idea of what minority of village people used to do. Other than that, it would be about modern daily lives which embrace worldly material possessions and emotional struggle. Truly, building of a nation is owed to many nationals and that is what Malaysians are thought to be exactly. Pride and supremacy is good but if it inhibits learning or such development then it must be banned. Personally, I'd like to get my hands dirty but I need to save some inks and papers for the kids.

At 5:59 PM, February 26, 2011, Blogger Dom said...

I'm not saying the Author is right, neither am I saying the Author is wrong in his conclusions. Nevertheless I have a few observations:-

1. For a topic as deep and controversial as this, the spelling, grammar and language is atrocious on the part of many respondents. And i'm not talking about typos.

2. It's difficult to have an actual constructive discussion on the matter since emotions run rife and we are reduced to a painfully-simplified, "You're wrong." "No, you're wrong." arguement.

3. While I'm no expert many respondents appear to be - substantiating their points with a gems of wisdom such as "where were your descendants, playing mah-jong in China?" On a similar note, the Author's views are also published very strongly, possibly to invite such responses - to further fuel the fires perhaps?

4. Oddly, the Author has removed a number of comments, possibly due to vulgarity or inappropriateness. But the Author has the tendency to not delete SPAM messages. Strange.

5. While I can see possible historical inaccuracies of our 'Government Approved" history, it should be better for us to look forward. Most racial issues are due to the fact that we can't let go of our past anyways.

6. Why can't we all just get along. And grow up a little along the way. Some of you are well-read. Most of you here are idiots. But all of you insist you are right, at the expense of the other's wrong. Why not get together and pool your information? You might get a clearer picture of the whole scenario.


Dominique Kee

At 4:01 PM, June 26, 2012, Blogger Unknown said...

Very easy to understand. Malay is just for unity. Just like Chinese and Indian. When it come to Nation Malay, Chinese and Indian should united. Tanah Melayu is the result. Why we need to be united? Ask your self and find the answer.

At 10:45 AM, October 11, 2012, Blogger Cc Walnut said...

Nowadays, the indos still coming in to Malaysia big land without permit...i think the older time also like this...because Indonesia is so close for them to land on. That is why the population is higher and it was all Malay looked (so called Bumiputra is claimed) in Malaysia. I don't think Melayu is the origin land owner of Malaysia.

At 10:45 AM, October 11, 2012, Blogger Cc Walnut said...

Nowadays, the indos still coming in to Malaysia big land without permit...i think the older time also like this...because Indonesia is so close for them to land on. That is why the population is higher and it was all Malay looked (so called Bumiputra is claimed) in Malaysia. I don't think Melayu is the origin land owner of Malaysia.


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