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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What the... ?

I find it funny how naive our PM, Mr. Badawi is. According to Tun Dr. M, in his meeting with Mr. Badawi over the weekend, the PM is totally oblivious of any wrongdoings by his son and son-in-law with regards to national interests. Mr. Badawi told Dr. M that he will ask his son and son-in-law to report to him about any wrongdoings by them.

Is it just me or is that last statement totally off? Here's what will probably happen:

Badawi: Kamal, Khairy...

Kamal & Khairy: Yes, Dad?

Badawi: I've got something to ask you guys. Did you guys commit any wrongdoings as claimed by Dr. M?

Kamal & Khairy: Er... Um...

Badawi: Cos I'm hearing from him that you guys are involved in this and that.

Kamal & Khairy: Er... Um...

Badawi: And I've promised Dr. M to question you guys about it. So?

Kamal: No, Dad, I've not commited any wrongdoings whatsoever.

Khairy: Neither have I, Dad. Clean as a whistle!

Badawi: Ok. Good boys! I shall let Dr. M know that you guys have not committed any wrongdoings. Case closed!

I can't believe such a naive man is in-charge of running the country. I mean, what's the use of having judges, lawyers and the courtroom if you can get a man to admit his wrongdoings just by asking him? I think this guy is worse than George W. If we were in the US, Mr. Badawi will really get it from the likes of Jay Leno, John Steward & Conan O'Brien.

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